Our Story


We as humans want to give, it’s something we are all born with and with this inherent need in mind, we started DiscoverDonate. Having lost trust in the donation process, with no real feel for authenticity or connection of where our donation was going, we set out to make an easy, efficient and innovative donation process with integrity – We set out to change how the whole world donates.

We want you to be able to search for what truly matters to you. Search a specific cause, a specific location or both…then donate how you wish. Donate your money, your time, an item or even your skills (we all have a skill right?). We want everyone to Discover and then Donate.

Just like you, our small team thinks, ‘How can we help, if even just a little?’ We needed the ability to easily search for what we care about and donate what we could – big or small. We did not want to feel emotionally manipulated along the way; the world already has enough obstacles. We wanted something that left us feeling happy and rewarded, something for us to keep coming back to.

You now don’t need to don those running shoes, you can donate how you want instantly, It’s all here, in one place, finally.

We hope you love the site as much as we do. This site is for you and the rest of the world to make your mark.

Moneeb Ahmad
Founder of DiscoverDonate