Our values

We really want to change the concept of charity in the right way.

The way you find a cause and how you donate. We have a dream to connect people; to help a cause or charity. We believe every single person has something to give and we want to connect all the missing dots along the journey.

From the very beginning and as we grow, our values will remain;

To be fair

Our gift to all charities – their very own dedicated newsfeed, to show what everyone around them is giving - the CharityHub. Totally free!

To be transparent

We want to connect you instantly to what matters to you and let you donate however you want. At the same time, we want to connect all charities with each other– huge task, but we are here to stay. To make this possible we take a small 6% of every donation, to help us help the world. Charities keep 100% of any added GiftAid. We do not charge charities monthly or set up fees and our amazing CharityHUB is free for them to use. Click here for more information of where the money goes. We are not chasing profits, we are chasing a dream.

To give with a smile

To make giving fun again! No canvassing and no more emotionally charged images.

To reward you

It’s amazing to give and change the world around us and as you do so, we have created a beautiful reward for each donor. You will see when you donate...

To be creative

We aim to change and innovate charity. This is just the beginning…

To never give up

Every dream starts somewhere... ours is to help good causes and charities carry on the amazing work they do.

DiscoverDonate is for you and every charity out there.
Let us, help you.